It’s amazing how many people are willing to go on a journey without a map, yet think nothing of not using travel checklists.  Both of them are extremely important.  Without the map, you’ll likely get lost and not be able to find your destination.  Yet without the checklist, you’ll almost certainly forget something that you need at your destination.

Why Don’t More People Use  Travel Checklists?​

​I think there are many reasons why people don’t plan ahead and create their own checklists when they are about to travel.  I’m sure there are more, but here are a few:

No Excuses For No List!

No Excuses – We’ve Made It Easy

​We know traveling on vacation or even business should be a fun experience.  You get to head to another town or country, and see how other people live, work and play.  That’s what we as humans are built for, when you come right down to it – to enjoy one another.

A travel checklist is an important part of making journeying fun and relaxing.  So we’ve gone ahead and done much of the heavy lifting for you.  We’ve got two options for you.

If you want full control of creating your list, we have our custom packing list generator available for you.  With this option, you have full customization of your list for your trek.  Just select the items you need to remember to bring, and we’ll generate a custom list for you. 

Of course, this takes some time.  Not a ton of time, but not everyone has five or ten minutes to dink around making a list.  If you are in this camp, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered as well.  We’ve taken our twenty-plus years of experience in helping people create checklists for travel and pulled out what most people have in common for a particular voyage.  We’ve pulled them together into preset .pdfs so you can download them, print them out, and be on your way.  

You’ll want to go over the travel list and see what items are special for your particular situation.  We’ve left room on these pre-made lists so you can enter your own items as well.  The lists are arranged into categories; you find the ones we have done listed below.  Check back often – we are adding new lists all the time.

Either way, whatever method you choose – you’ll soon have a list that will give you confidence as you start your travel away from home.