Get the Weather With Your Packing Checklist

You obviously are smart, good-looking, and kind since you've stopped by the Universal Packing List. You also like to be prepared - that's what creating a packing list is all about. So we know you will want to find out all you can about the weather at your destination.

We've paired up with to provide you with your weather information needs. The widget below will default to your current location, but just type the name of your destination in the search box and you'll get all the weather info you can need. If you click through, a new browser tab will open where you can get an extended forecast up to 90 days from now. I'm not sure how good that really can be, but you'll at least have an idea what the normal temp and weather conditions are for when you plan to travel.

At one time we had built our own, home-made weather widget. As you might have seen if you visited this site in the past 4 years, it didn't work very well to at all, depending on the day. This tool from AccuWeather should be much more reliable and helpful to you our customer.