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We've been helping travelers remember what items to pack on the internet since 1994.  Let us use our experience to help you pack everything you need to make your holiday the special experience it should be.  Free to use, print it or save it - it's up to you. We hope you like our new, fresh interface.

Instructions For Creating Your Custom Travel Packing Checklist:

We've redone our site to make the process of creating your own list as quick and painless as possible.  Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Place a check in the box next to the items you wish to add to your list.  We've preselected the most common ones, but feel free to uncheck those not needed on your vacation.
  2. Add up to 15 more items to the list to cover items we don't have listed.  While we've been doing this for over 20 years, we don't know everything! (coming soon)
  3. Press the "I'm Ready" button to generate your list.  We'll take you to the next screen where you can print,or save the results.

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Helpful Packing Checklist Articles

    Travel Packing List

     The UPL was created back in 1996, however it first appeared on the internet in 1994.  The goal of the site has always been the same: provide unique packing suggestions tailored to the trip you are taking, not a generic one size fits all approach.

     All you need to do is to fill in the boxes above about your trip and then you will be presented with a custom travel checklist.  Use this to make sure you have everything you require for your trip and try not to leave it until the last minute.

     You can also find out the expected local weather at your destination to assist you when working out what you need to take. You can also use our time zones tool to work out the time difference between where you are and your destination.

     UPL also allows you to book car hire for when you arrive at you destination.  This was added at the request from our users due to the large increase in prices when you land at a destination as oppose to booking in advance.

     During our research we also found that buying currency in the airport or whilst abroad resulted in large extra fees for our users.  Please see our currency converter which will allow you to work out the rate you should be getting.  Use it also to pre-order currency to make sure you secure the best rate and maximise the spending money you are taking away with you.

     We also added a dialling codes tool which will inform you of the exact number you or your loved ones back home will need to use to contact your destination.  You can also use it to work out what number you need to use to call home when abroad.

    Finally, we keep our eyes out for great product recommendations for traveling. I found this review of potty training videos to be pretty darn funny. If you are traveling with a child that age, check it out.

     We are constantly adding new tools to UPL and appreciate any suggestions.  If you would like to see anything added or are interested in advertising or sponsorship opportunities please contact us.  In the meantime please check out our blog or follow us on social media to keep updated on our new features.