Currency Calculator

Our currency converter will allow you to calculate up-to-date exchange rates and calculate how much of a selected currency you should be getting. Choose from over 100 currencies to convert to! We highly recommend ordering your currency in advance as oppose to waiting until the airport as the rates will be considerably worse than what is shown below.

How to Save on Fees When Exchanging Currency

While not anywhere as exortive as they were when we started this site, airport forex exchange fees are still high. You pay for the convenience of not planning ahead, and being able to exchange spur-of-the-moment. Fees/service charges can go from between 7 up to 20% at some airports. It's even worse near tourist destinations. A famous excahnge ripoff is near Charles Bridge in Prague. I paid a combo fee/service charge of 42% one fine autumn day when I needed to exchange some Euros. Doah!

Well, you are a planner, since you've come to the world's ulitmate packing list site. So you can escape the unorganized tax, and get your money exchanged ahead of time.